What is Angarak Yog in Kundali?

In this article, we are going to study about Angarak Yog. We will learn the conditions of its formation in a kundali, as well its effects.

Table of Contents
  • Effects of Angarak Yog
  • Conditions for the formation of Angarak Yog
  • Remedies for Angarak Yog

Effects of Angarak Yog

Angarak Yog is formed by the conjunction (yuti) of two planets – Mars and Rahu, in any house of a kundali. Though this yog becomes much more effective if it’s formed in the first house (representing our personality) or the second house (representing our voice).

Mars represents energy and anger. While Rahu leads to lack of control. Combine the two and you get a deadly combination.

If a person is under the effects of Angarak yog, then he or she will get uncontrollable pangs on anger. Such a person will be short-tempered. People may even start avoiding him/her, as such a person may say anything in anger and loose temper at smallest of things. We often find people with angarak yog in security forces.

Such a person will do harm to others and to himself too. Such people often have hyper-tension and high B.P.

However, Angarak yog may give good results too. It’s not necessary that it will always have ill-effects. Let’s understand this concept.

Conditions for the formation of Angarak Yog

We already know that Angarak Yog is formed by the conjunction of two planets – Mars and Rahu, in any house of a kundali.

Here’s an example of such a kundali, wherein both Mars and Rahu are in the same house (3rd house) and are thus in conjunction.

Angarak Yog

When will Angarak Yog be detrimental?

If both of these planets are unfavourable (marak) in a kundali, then they will give bad results when their dasha will come. So, you may try to pacify these planets to reduce their bad effects.


If you want to understand how to determine whether a planet is favourable or unfavourable in a kundali, you may read this article of ours.

When will Angarak Yog be beneficial?

If both of these planets are favourable (yogkarak) in your kundali, then Angarak yog will give you good results, not bad.

If one of these planets is favourable and the other unfavourable, then you will get good results when dasha of the favourable planet will come. In the dasha of unfavorable planet, you will get to see bad results. So, you may try to pacify that planet to reduce its ill-effects.


So, Angarak yog may also be good or partially good for you. Do not pacify the planet that is favourable in your kundali, just because it is forming Angarak yog. For example, if Mars is a favourable planet in your kundali, then do not pacify it, even if it’s forming Angarak yog.

Half knowledge can be dangerous. Only try to pacify the unfavourable planet(s), not the favourable ones.

Remedies for Angarak Yog

There are many remedies that have been suggested in Astrology for this yog. Some of these are:

  • Meditation: Meditation is always the best remedy for any bad phenomenon related to kundali. Though meditation serves a much higher purpose than helping us gain peace of mind or worldly happiness.

  • Pacify the unfavourable planet(s): There are various rituals and mantras that you can do to pacify Mars and Rahu. You may consult any good astrologer for this purpose.

  • Silver: Silver has an intrinsic cool effect, that may help extinguish the fire of anger. You may wear silver in any form, e.g. as a ring, or as a bangle, etc.

Winding Up

We hope that you now understand what Angarak yog is, how it’s formed, and what effects it can have in our life. It’s not necessary that it’s always going to give bad results to you. It may even prove beneficial.

Do some research before you reach any conclusion regarding it. We hope that the information provided in this article will allow you to do so.

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