What is Lagna Dosh in Kundali?

In this article, we are going to study about Lagna Dosh. This dosh has the power to nullify even your best yogs and rajyogs.

But before we do so, let’s understand what do we mean by lagna.

Table of Contents
  • What is Lagna and Lagna Dosh?
  • How is Lagna Dosh formed?
  • Effects of Lagna Dosh
  • Remedies to resolve Lagna Dosh

What is Lagna and Lagna Dosh?

Lagna in a lagna kundali is the ascendent (rashi) in the first house of the kundali. When a person takes birth, the ascendent that is rising on the horizon at that moment is placed in the first house of the kundali of that person.

The planet owning the ascendent (rashi) in the first house is called the lagnesh of that kundali. If the position of lagnesh is not good in a kundali, that person may face many problems – this is called lagna dosh.


The first house of the kundali represents the body and brain of the person, as well as his nature and character.

How is Lagna Dosh formed?

Lagna Dosh may be formed if lagnesh (the owner of the lagna) is:

  • very weak – i.e. its degree is 0-2 or 28-30.
  • in one of these bad houses – 6, 8 or 12. That’s because lagnesh becomes very weak in these houses, and may start giving inauspicious results (as per the nature of these houses).
  • eclipsed by the Sun (Amavasya Dosh). That’s because lagnesh becomes very weak if it’s eclipsed by the sun. To know more about the phenomenon of planets being eclipsed by the sun, you may read this article of ours.
  • in debilitated state in the kundali.
  • under the influence of cruel, demon planets, i.e. Saturn, Rahu, or Ketu.
  • suffering from paap katri yog, i.e. it’s sandwiched between two unfavourable, demon planets. To know more about paap katri yog, you may read this article of ours.

For example, consider the following lagna kundali of a person: Lagna Dosh

This kundali suffers from lagna dosh due to multiple reasons.

  • The moon in the given kundali is in a debilitated state, as it’s sitting in the fifth house that has Scorpio zodiac sign. We know that Moon is in a debilitated state in Scorpio zodiac sign.
  • Also, moon is very weak in this kundali as its degree is 28. So, it’s a weak and old moon.
  • Moreover, though the moon is sitting in the fifth house in the given lagna kundali; when we checked the chalit kundali of this person, we saw that the moon was in fact in the sixth house. Lagna Dosh
    So, moon will give most of its effects as per the sixth house, which is one of the bad houses of a kundali.

In general, if the owner of sixth, eighth, or twelfth house sits in one of these bad houses (i.e. 6, 8, or 12), then Vipreet Raj Yog is formed. This nullifies the bad effects of such planets. In fact, the planet starts giving good results. But this rule does not apply on lagnesh. That’s because for this kind of Vipreet Raj Yog to form, the lagnesh in the kundali must be very good and powerful. But if lagnesh itself is sitting in one of these bad houses, then its position is considered weak and there’s no chance of this yog being formed.

Also note that, if lagnesh of a kundlai is Saturn and it’s sitting in one of the bad houses, i.e. in sixth, eighth, or twelfth house, then it will not become weak. Rather it will become more powerful - which means that the person will become powerful (as lagnesh = body and character of the person). However, when its dasha will come, it will still give bad results as per the nature of the house it’s in.

Effects of Lagna Dosh

Lagna Dosh cancels out almost all the rajyogs of a given kundali. That’s because our lagna or lagnesh represents our body and character. If our body or character gets effected, we won’t be able to make use of any opportunity in our life.

Rajyogs provide us good opportunities. But a person has to act on them and try to gain the most out of them through his own efforts. A person with a weak body, brain and character will fail to do so. That’s why this dosh is considered a big issue in astrology, and astrologers suggest to get its remedies before doing anything else.

Remedies to resolve Lagna Dosh

Now, let’s have a look at some of the solutions at our disposal to remove this dosh from our kundali, or at least dissipate its bad effects.

  • If the lagnesh is powerless, then we may wear its gemstone to give it power. However, make sure it’s not placed in an inauspicious house or is not under the influence of a demon planet. Otherwise, it may become powerful and start giving you even worse results.
  • We may also recite the mantras of the concerned planet, or the related deity. You are supposed to recite the beej mantra of any given planet only 108 times in a day. This is much safer than wearing gemstones, as we can do so even if lagnesh is supposed to give us bad results as per our kundali. Reciting appropriate beej mantra will reduce the bad influences of lagnesh (if any), and will also make it strong. It will start giving you good results.
  • You may also donate objects related to lagnesh.
  • Last but not the least, you may just meditate. Meditation connects you directly with the supreme power and is a much more potent force/science than astrology.

Do not wear a gemstone to increase the power of your lagnesh if:

  • it’s placed in one of the inauspicious houses, i.e. in sixth, eighth, or twelfth house.
  • it’s debilitated.

You may wear a gemstone if the position of lagnesh is otherwise good, but the only problem is that it’s powerless. So, you may wear a gemstone if:

  • lagnesh has very low or very high degree.
  • lagnesh is eclipsed by the sun.
  • lagnesh suffers from paap katri yog.
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