Significance of Chalit Kundali vs. Lagna Kundali

No doubt Lagna Kundali is considered the most important kundali in astrology. However, in certain circumstances we need to refer to some other kinds of kundalis too.

Chalit kundali is one such kind of kundali. The purpose of this article is to know about it, and also underline its importance using an example.

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  • What is Chalit Kundali
  • Significance of Chalit Kundali

What is Chalit Kundali

Chalit kundali is derived from the Lagna Kundali. We base it on the degrees of the ascendant. This allows us to determine if any planet has moved (forward or backward) a house. This is important to consider when looking at the results of planets or yogs.

Sounds complex?

Basically, our lagna is the ascendant that was rising when we were born. Each lagna and each house of a kundali is of 30°. If the lagna in the first house of the kundali is 15°, it means that the lagna/ascendant is completely lying inside the first house. However, it’s rarely the case.


Concept of degree of lagna/ascendant is different from the concept of degrees of planets.

Degrees of planets mentioned in our kundali represent the position of those planets with respect to the zodiac signs they are in (and not with respect to the houses of the kundali). If a zodiac sign (rashi) overlaps areas of two houses of a kundali, then the planets within it may also fall under either of those two houses in the chalit kundali.

Degree of lagna/ascendant is based on the rotation of the earth on its axis. In one rotation, earth rotates by 360°, and takes 24 hours (i.e. 15° per hour). As there are 12 lagna/ascendants, each lagna/ascendant stays on the horizon for 2 hours.

Degree of the lagna/ascendant is mentioned by most of the online kundali making software (just as they mention the degrees of various planets).

In most cases the lagna/ascendant partially falls in the second or the twelfth house too. While making chalit kundali, we keep the middle of the lagna/ascendant aligned with the middle of the first house. So, lagna/ascendant falls completely inside the first house of a chalit kundali. The planets are moved accordingly.


There are various branches of astrology, and so Chalit kundali may be formed in various ways. However, we generally follow the traditional Parashar Astrology, and use the equal-division (sama-vibhajan) method to drive it.

In many cases, you will find that the position of planets is the same in both the kundalis, i.e. in both lagna and chalit kundali. Though in some cases you will see that one or more planets have jumped a house in chalit kundali.

Significance of Chalit Kundali

If a planet is in a different house in chalit kundali (as compared to lagna kundali), then it will give most of its results as per its position in the chalit kundali.

Though for various rajyogs, sight of various planets, etc. we only consider Lagna Kundali, i.e. D1 chart (and not Chalit Kundali or Navamsa chart). Chalit Kundali is only used during the mahadasha/antardaha of a planet, just to get a better idea of the kind of results it may give.

For example, consider the following Lagna kundali and Chalit kundali of a person: Lagna Kundali
Chalit Kundali

You can see that Moon (which is the lagnesh of this Cancer Ascendent kundali) is in the fifth house in lagna kundali. But it is in the sixth house in Chalit kundali.

Moon is in a debilitated state in fifth house in this kundali, and is forming Neech Bhang Rajyog with Mars, which is in debilitated state in the first house. As both Mars and Moon are debilitated and are sitting in each other’s house, they are forming Neech Bhang Rajyog, i.e. they are cancelling out each other’s negative effects. This yog will hold true, even though Moon is in the sixth house in the chalit kundali. But the effect and power of this yog may get reduced a bit.

The main use of chalit kundali for this person will be when the mahadasha and antardasha of Moon will come. During its dasha, Moon will give more effects related to the sixth house, and not that much related to the fifth house.

I know this person, and his Moon mahadasha started in around the start of the year 2018. Till around October, 2018 he had mahadasha, as well as antardasha of Moon. And during this short period this is what happened.

  • Sixth house is related to debt – he took a 30 lakhs house loan in January, 2018 from PNB housing.
  • Sixth house is related to enemies – during this time he had to face serious office politics. His colleagues, who were working with him for many years, suddenly started avoiding him. He was slowly side-lined from major decision-making in the organization. He was under a constant fear and stress of losing his job. As he had taken a big loan a few months ago, he was under double pressure of paying huge monthly EMIs (almost 60k per month). This also had an impact on his health.
  • Sixth house is related to diseases – he suffered from glaucoma and lost partial eyesight in his left eye in August, 2018. As per doctors, it was probably due to mental stress or lack of nutritional diet.
  • Sixth house is related to wounds – he suffered from a medical problem of anal fissure in September-October, 2018. Earlier we though that he got piles, but it was mere a wound caused by hard stool. Again, this was probably related to stress and bad diet.
  • Sixth house is related to theft – his (old) bike was stolen in August, 2018.

However, as Moon is the lagnesh of this kundali, is making Neech Bhang Rajyog with Mars and is very weak (degree of 28), so its effects were not as disastrous. The loan he took was for a good cause (home loan), which he paid back within 4 years during Moon’s mahadasha itself; though he lost partial sight in one eye, he recovered within 3 days (though he says that he can still feel a slight depreciation in his eyesight in that eye even now, around 5%); his anal fissure medical problem got resolved on its own by November-December, 2018 (of course with some effort and care); the bike he lost was almost 15 years old (so not a big loss).

So, you can see that though Moon is making all the yogs based on lagna kundali, when its mahadasha/antardasha came, it gave its results more in tune with the facets of life related to the sixth house. This is something that I have seen happening in front of my eyes. So, I am saying this with some experience. The effects were the worst when both mahadasha and antardasha of Moon was ongoing. Once the antardasha of Moon ended (and other planets also started showing their effect), things started to improve a bit.

Though more case studies are needed and I understand that Astrology is as practical, as it’s theoretical. We should always try to keep on checking our predictions – match theory with real-life happenings.


To see transit/gochar of planets, we only see Chandra Kundali (not Lagna kundali, Surya kundali, Chalit kundali or Navamsa chart).

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