What will you get from your relations as per kundali?

We know that every house in our kundali represent some aspect of our life. These houses also represent some of our relations. If a bad or unfavourable (marak) planet will sit there, or lays its sight on that particular house, it will cause various kinds of problems in your life related to that particular relation.

Similarly, every planet is also related to a specific set of relations. If a planet is debilitated, eclipsed, powerless, etc., then also it may cause various kinds of problems in your life with respect to the relationship that it is related to.

Aim of this article is to provide you this information. By the end of this article, you will know the houses and planets that are related to (or represent) various relations that a person has in his/her life.

Table of Contents
  • Kundali Houses and Relatives
  • Planets and Relatives

Kundali Houses and Relatives

  • First House: It represents our own body, mind, character, and personality.
  • Second House: It represents our nuclear family – husband, wife, and kids. Though some astrologers include parents too here. This house also represents our neighbours.
  • Third House: It represents our younger siblings (brother or sister).
  • Fourth House: It represents our mother.
  • Fifth House: It represents our love – be it with girlfriend/boyfriend, or with husband/wife. Our chances of getting into a love marriage or having an affair are also gauged on the basis of this house. It also represents our children -be it a boy or a girl.
  • Sixth, Eighth and Twelfth House: They represent all our uncles and aunties, be it on our father’s side or mother’s side.
  • Seventh House: It represents our life-partner, i.e. spouse.
  • Ninth House: It represents our father.
  • Tenth House: It represents people related to our profession. Also, brother-in-law (jija), sister-in-law (bhabhi), and nephew-niece (bhanja-bhanji).
  • Eleventh House: It represents our elder siblings (brother or sister). Also, son-in-law and daughter-in-law.

Planets and Relatives

  • Jupiter: It represents our elders, teachers, guru, etc. That is, anyone who gives us knowledge and guides us. It also represents one’s husband (not wife).
  • Mercury: It represents small kids and all of our uncles and aunties.
  • Mars: It represents our siblings (brother or sister) and cousins. They can be younger or elder to you; it doesn’t matter.
  • Sun: It represents our father.
  • Moon: It represents our mother.
  • Saturn: It represents labour, workers, and poor people.
  • Rahu: It represents people who are handicapped, or those that are relying on other people for their survival (e.g. orphans, abandoned elders, etc.).
  • Ketu: It represents labour, workers, and poor people. But it also represents sages and any such person who pushes us towards liberation.
  • Venus: It represents one’s wife (not husband).

So, now you know all the houses and planets related to various relations in our life. If you are having troubles related to certain relatives of yours, you may ask an expert astrologer to look into the related house or planet. He probably will tell you the reason behind the issue and will probably suggest you some remedies too.

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