What is Chandal Yog in Kundali?

In this article, we are going to study about Chandal Yog or Guru Chandal Yog. We will learn about the conditions for its formation, its effects and the probable steps you can take to mitigate its effects.

Table of Contents
  • What do we mean by Chandal Yog?
  • Effects of Chandal Yog
  • Remedies of Chandal Yog

What do we mean by Chandal Yog?

Chandal Yog is formed in following two cases:

  • If there is a conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu in a kundali. That is, if these two planets are sitting in the same house of a kundali, then Guru Chandal Yog is formed. For example, have a look at the following kundali. Here, Jupiter and Rahu are sitting together in the 4th house. Chandal Yog

  • If Jupiter lays its sight on the house containing Rahu, or vice-versa. For example, have a look at the following kundali. Chandal Yog

Here, Jupiter sitting in the 5th house is laying its sight on Rahu sitting in the 11th house. Rahu is also doing the same.


Jupiter and Rahu have three sights. They lay their sight on 5th, 7th and 9th houses, from the house where they are sitting. In the kundali given above, Jupiter and Rahu are laying their 7th sight on each other.

Effects of Chandal Yog

Though the name Chandal Yog itself sounds pretty horrific, but it’s not necessary that every Chandal Yog will have negative effects on an individual. It may have positive effects too. Let’s have a look at the various effects in our life that are seen due to formation of this yog.

Negative Effects of Chandal Yog

Jupiter is the planet of knowledge and wisdom, while Rahu implants big desires and willpower in us. However, as Rahu is a demon planet, it may put in some bad thoughts in us too. So, their combination may lead to inception of impure thoughts and actions in a person. He may use his knowledge to get what he desires, even if it’s immoral.

For example, such a person may try to get rich through immoral means. He may indulge in fraud, betting, alcoholism, drugs, etc.

Guru Chandal Yog has effect on the character of a person, as well as the way he/she thinks and behaves. Such as person often thinks and behaves on anti-social and immoral lines.


Rahu is the main planet when it comes to immoral and anti-social works and behaviours. So, you can see how it can corrupt the character of a person. Rahu is also related to unexpected gains and losses.

However, for Guru Chandal yog to show negative effects, certain conditions need to be met.

  • Either both Jupiter and Rahu should be unfavourable (marak) in a kundali. OR
  • At least Rahu should be unfavourable (marak).

If Rahu is not unfavourable (marak) in a kundali, but Jupiter is, then also some minor negative effects of Guru Chandal yog may be visible.

These negative effects will become more visible when dasha of these planets will come, especially that of Rahu.

Positive Effects of Chandal Yog

If neither Jupiter nor Rahu is unfavourable (marak), then Guru Chandal Yog will not show negative effects.

Here, whenever a dasha (mahadasha or antardasha) of these planets will come (especially that of Rahu), the person will be filled with desires to do big tasks. Rahu will also fill-in enough willpower in that person to accomplish almost impossible looking tasks.

Jupiter being the planet of knowledge, will help out such a person in achieving those goals.


If you want to know how to find whether a planet is favourable (yogkarak) or unfavourable (marak) in a kundali, you may read this article of ours.

Effect of Degrees

The effectiveness of any Yog formed by planets, including Guru Chandal Yog, is dependent on the strength of the planets forming that yog. If the planets are strong, the yog will be strong, and vice-versa.

Planets are the strongest if their degrees are in between 12 and 18. If a planet’s degree is less than 12 or more than 18, its strength and hence its effects are reduced. If the degree of a planet is in the range of 1-3 or 28-30, then it will almost have no effect.

So, do have a look at the degrees of Jupiter and Rahu in your kundali, before you start doing remedies. If they are very weak, you won’t even need any remedy, or maybe just some mantras will be more than sufficient.

Remedies of Chandal Yog

If in Chandal Yog either Jupiter or Rahu, or both are unfavourable (marak), then we should pacify them by chanting their beej mantras.


Pacify only that planet which is unfavourable (marak). If both are unfavourable (marak), then you need to pacify both.

We can also pacify them through:

  • Meditation
  • By donating appropriate items. For example, to pacify Rahu we should donate black objects, such as black clothes, black sesame, black pulses, etc.
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