What is Shrapit Dosh in Kundali?

In this article, we are going to learn about Sharapit Dosh (or Sharapit Yog) in kundali, how it’s formed, its effects and remedies.

Table of Contents
  • Conditions for formation of Sharapit Dosh
  • Effects of Sharapit Dosh
  • Remedies of Sharapit Dosh

Conditions for formation of Sharapit Dosh

Sharapit Dosh is formed due to conjunction of Saturn and Rahu. That is, if Saturn and Rahu are sitting together in a house of kundali, then it leads to the formation of Sharapit Dosh.


Saturn and Rahu just laying their sight on each other won’t form this dosh. They need to be in the same house.

Effects of Sharapit Dosh

Many astrologers have differing opinions regarding Sharapit Dosh. As per some experts, it may prove very beneficial to some people. However, as per some pundits it’s a major bane and this dosh nullifies all the other good yogs in a person’s kundali.

The truth lies somewhere in between. Sharapit Yog can give bad, as well as good results.

Bad effects of Sharapit Dosh

Both Saturn and Rahu are cruel demon planets, and so they can trouble a person immensely. Especially, if both of them or one of them is unfavourable (marak) in the kundali.

As already mentioned, such dosh will nullify most other yogs in the kundali. Such a person will find it hard to gain success.

Good effects of Sharapit Dosh

If both Saturn and Rahu are favourable (yogkarak) in your kundali, then you will not get bad results from their conjunction. In such cases, we will rather call it Sharapit Yoga, and not Sharapit Dosh.

Such a yog will prove a lot beneficial to that person. Rahu is known to fill a person with huge desires and ambitions. It’s also related to unexpected gains and losses. So, if your Rahu is good and in conjunction with Saturn, you will be a very ambitious person filled with dreams to do almost impossible looking tasks, and more often than not you will achieve them.


If you want to know how to find if a planet is favourable or unfavourable in your kundali, you may read this article of ours.

Remedies of Sharapit Dosh

We should pacify Saturn or Rahu only if they are unfavourable in our kundali. We should never pacify a favourable planet, just because it’s making Shrapit Yog.

To pacify unfavourable Rahu, we should:

  • Donate black objects, such as black clothes, black pluses, etc.
  • We can chant the mantra of Rahu or worship Goddess Durga. You may recite Shri Durga Chalisa for this purpose.

To pacify unfavourable Saturn, we should:

  • Saturn is a planet of poor and needy people. So, helping poor and needy people will help you out a lot too, especially if done on Saturdays.
  • You may feed food to black dog.
  • Donate oil, or light oil lamp in front of Shani dev on Saturdays.
  • Wear black clothes on Saturdays.
  • We can chant the mantra of Saturn or Hanuman Chalisa.

Do not wear a gem for a planet that is unfavourable (marak) in your kundali. We wear a gemstone to increase the power of the related planet, not to pacify it. If you increase the power of an unfavourable planet, it will start giving you even worse results.


To pacify our planets we can always do meditation. It’s something that’s much bigger a science than Astrology. A learned yogi gains the power to control his planets, and not just gets effected by them.

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